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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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How Can I Sync the Gmail Account with Android Device

Synchronizing your Gmail email account with your Android cell phone or tablet helps you access your important email messages, contacts and calendars easily whenever you require them. For doing so, you can get the benefit of the native Gmail app on the Android device to make synchronization. In the event of any questions, you can get the answer from experts simply by dialing a phone number for Gmail customer service. Here’s how to sync Gmail with Android device:

Phase 1 - Add a New Gmail Account to Your Smartphone

By default, while setting up the Android phone for the first time, you need to connect it to the Google account. To add a new Gmail account, you can start by launching the native Gmail app. Touch the ‘Menu’ three-line icon in the upper corner of the application, mode down and choose the ‘Add Account’ option.  As an account type, select ‘Google’ and tap ‘OK.’ Touch the ‘Existing’ button to specific you wish to sync with the current Gmail account, and then type the email address and the related password in the appreciate fields to complete configuring the account on your phone. 

Phase 2 - Customize Email Sync Settings

While configuring Gmail account for using on the phone, the Gmail app imports the current emails automatically from the account. To change the synchronization settings, touch the ‘Menu’ three-line icon in the upper corner of the Gmail application and choose the ‘Settings’ tab. Choose your recently-added account and put a check mark next to the ‘Sync Gmail’ box to allow automatic synchronizing. Tap the ‘Days of Mail to Sync’ icon and choose the period you want to store email messages on the smartphone. Select the ‘Download Attachments’ check box if you would like the Gmail app to synchronize attachments from the account as well.

Phase 3 - Syncing Contacts

Once you add the Gmail account to your Android phone or tablet, contacts are synced automatically with the Contacts app. To import contacts individually from other sections, access the Contacts app, tap the ‘Menu’ icon and choose the ‘Settings’ tab. Tap the ‘Import/Export’ icon and continue with the instructions to synchronize contacts from the preferred location.

Phase 4 - Syncing Calendars

Get the benefit of the native Calendar application to sync the calendars onto the phone. Along with contacts, the Calendar application routinely syncs with all accounts to Gmail related to the device. Each time you add a new account to the Gmail app, for example, the Calendar app identifies the new Gmail account and syncs with any related calendars automatically. To enable and disable syncing for an accurate calendar, touch the ‘Menu’ icon in the upper corner of the app, tap ‘Settings’ icon, then choose the particular calendar and shift ‘Sync’ to the on or off location.

However, if you’re getting difficulties when synchronizing Gmail account with the Android device, it’s recommended to dial the toll-free number to Gmail customer service and get the step by step directions to sync the email account.



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