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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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What to do if AOL Mail freezes up?

AOL is a well-known Internet service provider that permits you to connect to the Internet via the Web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer or the AOL browser software. AOL’s service also offers AOL Mail accounts that you can use to send and receive email messages when online. If by chance AOL Mail freezes up when you try to access it, you can perform your troubleshooting on the PC to fix the issue. If you are unable to do it, then it is essential to contact AOL internet service easily. The tech experts can guide you in getting the best solution for the problems with AOL.

About AOL

The webmail service of AOL permits you to check the emails by opening up the browser and visiting the AOL homepage. As it is a browser-based service, the AOL email account can freeze due to the unsuitability or other issues with the browser program. Troubleshooting the issue will vary depending on the kind of browser you have. Furthermore, if altering the configurations of the browser does not work, you can reorganize the email or connect to the email webpage through the AOL Mail Basic.

Basic Browser Troubleshooting

Update & run the virus scanner on the PC. If the PC is infested with malware, this can cause the browser and mail to freeze up. With it, clear the browser’s cookies, history, footprints, and cache to free the browser memory and let the software to respond better. If you have a browser like Internet Explorer and other, disable the add-ons to see if the plugins are causing unsuitability with the AOL Mail page.

Reset AOL Mailbox

If you see that the browser is not the problem, or if you still cannot access the mail after changing browser settings, you can reset the AOL Mailbox configuration. Click on the ‘Help’ link on the AOL home page and choose ‘AOL Mail System Summary.’ Now, click on the ‘Reset’ button just next to ‘Mailbox State.’ Logout and back into the AOL account to test the changes.

AOL Mail Basic

AOL also offers a basic page that permits you to log in to the AOL Mail without extra scripts or applications that might cause the browser to freeze up. Open the Internet Browser and visit the website to access the AOL Mail basic page. If incited, type the AOL username, or email address and password to login. The version of AOL Mail comprises all the basic features of the full AOL Mail page, but it is easier to load on the PC. If the page works for you, bookmark the same so that you can continue using the page to verify the mail.

If the issue persists then you can call at AOL technical support phone number to get things on track. The technicians have all the solutions for the problems you face with the same. You can also search the web for online directories which prove to be beneficial for getting the answers. Contactforservice is one of the best dictionaries that allows the users to browse the essential customer care phone numbers of the well-known products in the US & Canada.

Source:- https://tackk.com/vra6l7

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