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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Gmail doubles up File Attachment size to 50MB for incoming emails

Gmail has always provided its clients with the best of features and updates so that they experience the unexplored. The brand focuses on making things easier for it so that every Email experience turns out to be favorable. If Gmail is avital part of your life, then this newest update is important for you to take into consideration.Like always, Gmail through its new update doubles up the size of the File Attachment from 25 MB to 50 MB. According to the report, the step has been taken as many account owners send their data via emails. However, the company has limited the feature only for emails coming from the other end or the ‘Received’ ones, and anyone mailing an attachment file has to adjust with the 25MB limit. For more information, you can even refer to the tech experts available at the support by dialing Gmail support number directly.


  • The size limit on emails that can be sent from Gmail is still at 25MB.
  • Gmail users freshly experienced sign-out issues with the client.
  • Users can always select Drive for an interchange of larger files.

Google does not want the users to send large files through Gmail and points out that one can always easily do that through Google Drive by uploading the file as large as 5TB and then sharing the link with the person they want to.

Now, some of you may be thinking, on how can you receive a 50 MB attachment file when the sending limit is still limited to 25 MB? There are other email systems having identical or larger tolerances for the size which the sender may be using.

Last month, Google has announced that its Gmail service will stop working on some Chrome browsers by the end of 2017. As per a blog posted by Google, it has informed that Gmail will stop working on 53 or lower version of the Chrome Browser.

It has also informed that the Chrome browser’s versions lower than53 were open to security risks, mainly because Microsoft stopped the OS support for Windows XP and Vista. This means that if you are still using Chrome v53 or lower, be ready to get pretentious by attacks. Furthermore, there will be no bug fixes or security patches present to you. According to Google, you will be able to carry on using the Chrome Browser till the finish of the year, but it will be in the basic HTML version only.

The new functionality will make it possible to receive oversized attachments from non-Gmail accounts, which might possess massive presentations, spreadsheets, Photoshop files, and multimedia straightly to the Gmail inbox. Now, it would be interesting to see if the company revises the 25 MB size limit on the ‘Sent’ emails in the near future or retains the same.For more facts on this, you can contact Gmail phone number easily and get essential info. Other than this, you can search the web for online web dictionaries which are quite fruitful. Contactforservice is one of the most liked directories that offer the 100% correct customer care numbers of the brands demanded by the clients of the US & Canada.

Source:- https://medium.com/@contactforservice/gmail-doubles-up-file-attachment-size-to-50mb-for-incoming-emails-c052512978c0#.gpgzrzcw9

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