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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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6 Ways to Solve General Protection Fault /Application Error

If you get a General Protection Fault/ Application Error in the Juno sessions, it may show that your computer doesn’t fulfill the system requirements of Juno. Your system may not have free hard disk space or sufficient memory, or the modem is slower than 9600 bps. To fix this error message, you should update the computer. However, if you have upgraded your system hard disk space and are still getting the same fault, then either consult with the Juno Internet service support experts for the quick resolution or check the steps to troubleshoot this issue.

Fix 1: Check the Juno Version You’re Using

If you’re using the Juno version later than 1.49, you should update it to the new version. So, determine that which edition is installed on your PC. To do that, click the Help menu and choose the About Juno option. The Juno version installed on the PC will be shown at the top of the screen. If you require updating it, you can download the new version from the Juno’s official site.


Fix 2: Check that Other Programs don't Access your Modem

If any software programs, such as fax application, internet browsers, online screen savers, and so on are active, then try to close or turn them off instead of just minimizing them. Be specifically careful to deactivate the fax or voice mail applications on the system. If you’re doubtful how to do that, then consult with user manual of your PC or the program. Also, check that fax or communication programs don’t load automatically every time the Windows starts.


Fix 3: Check That the Modem Isn’t Conflicting With Other Devices

Make sure which port of your modem is connected to and determine no other devices are using the same serial number or COM port, such as the sound card or the CD-ROM player. You can ensure for hardware interference by running the Microsoft Diagnostics. If you’re not sure how to run it, check the Windows manual.


Fix 4: Check your Computer Date and Time Is Correct

For resetting the time of equipment, click the Windows Start menu, go to the Settings tab and click the Control Panel. Subsequently, double-click on the Date/Time icon. Set the exact date and time on the Date/Time Properties window. Click the ‘OK’ button.


Fix 5: Update the Video Driver

Check whether you have the new version of the driver for the video card. It may be possible that an old video card can show the error related to graphics when you start Juno. If you’re unsure whether you have the video card’s new version, consult your PC’s manufacturer or the video card’s developer.  


Fix 6: Determine Your Juno Files and Hard Disk for Damage by Running Scandisk. To use the ScanDisk properly, you should either check the Windows operating system user manual or contact the Juno experts for the resolution.

If everything else didn’t work and the General Protection Fault / Application error is still not resolved, instantly dial Juno customer phone number and talk to the professionals to get help in solving the problems.

Source: http://bit.ly/2mwT1P0

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