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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Fix: Epson Printer Can’t Recognize Epson Ink Cartridge

Many Epson printer users have reported that the printer cannot recognize the Ink cartridges, and therefore they won’t be unable to print documents. And getting one of these messages can be more annoying because the ‘cartridges not recognized’ error usually turns into the ‘Printer not working.’ If your Epson printer is now non-operational due to the ‘'Ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ error, you can seek solutions by dialing the Epson tech support number.




Fix - ‘Epson ink cartridges cannot be recognized' error


The solution can be simple as you can repair the error simply by turning the Epson printer off and on again. Though it may not work if the error is related to the printer cartridge isn’t placed correctly, the faulty or dirty chip, or the damaged chip contacts. Follow these steps to check which one is. Ensure the Epson printer is powered on.


Step 1- Remove the ink cartridge and install it again. Getting the 'ink cartridges cannot be recognized' error means that the ink cartridges aren’t placed correctly. Epson genuine cartridges can take a reasonable amount of force while installing. Once finished, close the printer cover and press the ‘Ink’ button on your printer. When the error repairs and your printer now displays the 'Charging ink' or goes to the regular ‘Home’ screen means that the issue is resolved.


Step 2 – Extract all ink cartridges and check the chips. If it’s dark or dirty, clean all chips using the damp cloth and then all it to dry. Place cartridge back in the printer. If the error message still exists, check the next step.


Step 3 - Extract all ink cartridges, close your printer cover and power the printer off. Turn it back on and place only the firstly; hasn’t recognized' ink cartridge. Lock the printer cover and press the ‘Ink’ option. Wait, when your printer is verifying the cartridges and check if it’s recognized or not. If yes, then place all remaining chips and try to print your text documents.


Step 4 - If you still have the original ink cartridge package that came included with the printer, try to install that. If the error repairs, it would notify that other 'not recognized' cartridges may be damaged. If you get the same error message with the replacement notification, see the next step.


Step 5 – Extract all cartridges and check the chip contacts. Almost all Epson printers use a chain of tenuous gold-plated wire connections that are slipped and pressed by the cartridge chip when it’s installed. These links can destroy, or twig to the chip, mainly if they ever had any ink pollution. In such a condition, you should get the printer repairing services.


Step 6 –If all the wire connections seem fit, then try to clean them using damp cotton cloth until they’re all faultless. It can be useful if you unplug the electricity cord when works on the chip contacts. Once completed, fit all ink cartridges back in the printer, connect the power cord back in. Power your printer on and check if the problem is fixed. Otherwise, Epson printer won’t allow printing until the error is removed.


However, if none of the above workarounds fix the Epson ‘Ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ error, or you want to further solutions to repair the cartridge issue, instantly dial the Epson printer customer service number and get them resolved.

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