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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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What is in the store for the April release of Windows 10 Creators Update?

The blockbuster Windows 10 Creators update is soon to hit the computers in April this year. Microsoft has always been in the news for its amazing and ground-breaking updates, and yet again it has surprised its users with Windows 10 Creators Update. The reports states that the April launch date for the Creators Update goes fully against the information that the insider builds of the update carry the version number- 1703, which meant that the update was being ready for a March 2017 release the ‘17’ stood for 2017 & ‘03’ meant the month of March. The final number of the version will be 1704, marking an April release. For more news and updates on this, you can consult the experts by dialing Windows 10 Live Customer Support Phone Number instantly.

More about the update

Just sameasthe Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft will progressively roll out the Creators Update to make sure the best experience for Windows 10 users, but users will be able to manually upgrade to the Update if they need to. Microsoft is currently in the process of finalizing things for the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft will be working on refining the new features and fixing bugs before the release.

About the Features

The Windows 10 Creators Update will introduce various new features to the OS, perhaps the major of which is the other addition of the Windows Holographic User Interface for virtual reality headsets run by Windows 10 itself. Other features said to be occurring with the Creators Update are 3D versions of Paint & PowerPoint, built-in game broadcasting via the integration of the Beam game streaming system, and the My People feature.

It has also been previously conveyed that Microsoft could be adding a dedicated game mode to Windows 10, which will implement optimizations to enhance the gaming experience of users by suppressing apps that are running in the background. Instead of using up CPU & GPU resources on background applications and Windows 10 PC on game mode will instead assign the resources to the video game that the user is playing.

Microsoft said to be settling the features that will be included in the Creators Update, with the update expected to have its comprised features locked in by the middle or late January. Microsoft will them continue working on the final touches of the novel features before the reported April announcement. The Update will also make it even faster and easier to connect with the favorite contacts.

The software would also assist Windows 10 users sync & control connected home devices with voice instructions to Cortana.Home Hub-friendly machineries would be able to recognize voice commands from a much bigger distance than most standard laptops or PCs.

So, if you want to have more details on the latest update, you can connect to the experts at the Window 10 Live customer chat with ease. Apart from this, you can even browse the web for online directories such as Contactforservice that includes the trusted phone numbers of the famous brands for the users in the US & Canada.

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