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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Microsoft uncovers Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 update for Computers!

Microsoft has introduced yet another massive update that is filled with some enthralling new features and upgrades. The fresh update is known as the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 for PC. Build 15002 is being released for computers only, a part of the Fast Ring of Insider builds. Be sure of a few bugs as well such as Miracast connections will not work, and the Netflix app probably will not render video. Overall, the update will bring some positive changes to the entire Windows 10 performance. This is one of the most massive updates that the users will find amazing to work at.For more updates, you can reach the technicians at Windows 10 Technical Support easily.

More about the update

Microsoft did not clearly mention the Creators Update in the relation of the new build, but this massive line of features has been added with that update only.

Summary of the Update

  • Microsoft Edge updates, precisely with regards to tab management.
  • Microsoft Edge upgrades.
  • Scaling, sharing, and snipping improvements.
  • Tiles in the ‘Start menu’ can now be placed into folders.
  • Suggested Cortana commands.
  • Blue-light controls in Settings.
  • On-demand Windows Refresh in Windows Defender.
  • Narrator upgrades.
  • Microsoft Edge upgrades.

Highlights Include

  • Edge improvises with a new tab preview bar, the ability to set tabs aside, InPrivate browsing from the taskbar icon, fitted integration with Microsoft Wallet and Flash demoted to ‘click to run status.’


  • Windows 10 screenshot, lifted from OneNote 2016, this is now obtainable from anywhere in the operating system.


  • High DPI support for desktop applications &improved icon scaling.


  • Start tiles can now be organized into folders just like Android or iOS.


  • Enhanced VPN access.


  • Cortana has better-quality app command discovery, more reminder options and a new‘Win+C’ shortcut key.


  • Windows Ink gets partial ink stroke erasure &clear sign of which color you are utilizing in the pen, pencil& highlighter.


  • Windows Defender enhances device performance & health scans as well as the capability to refresh Windows directly from Defender if it finds a thoughtful problem.


  • Braille support has been added further.


  • A lower blue light feature for less eye strain when working at night.


  • Support for metered Ethernet networks.


  • Smart updates which detect what you are doing, e.g. using a projector, so they will not initiate installations during this time.

Refining your update experience

1st option: Pauses updates on your PC for up to 35 days. To stopthe machine, go to the advanced options page of Windows Update Settings.

2nd Option: This option will allow you to decide whether or not to comprise driver updates when you update Windows.

3rd Option:A new icon to the Windows Update Settings page to make easier to see the update status at a glance.

For more info and updates on this, you cancall the professionals at the direct Windows 10 Support Phone number instantly. If this selection does not suit you, it is wise to search the web for online directories like Contactforservice that has the phone numbers of the famous brands for the usersresiding in the US & Canada.




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