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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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How to make a new profile in Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook is known to be the most used email across the world. It is full of several noteworthy features to offer the users with the best of Outlook appropriate environment and the services which are needed. A Microsoft Outlook profile permits Outlook to keep track of settings for the Outlook email accounts. Outlook users only want one profile, also with various email accounts in Outlook. So, if there are various users on a Desktop, if there is a need to keep a separate profile like a home account and business profile, or if Outlook is corrupted, a fresh profile might be needed. To get more suggestions and guidelines on this, you can call at the outlook contact number without any second thought.

Step-by-step illustration

  • Firstly, close Microsoft Outlook. Go to the ‘Start menu’ and open the ‘Control Panel.’ Make sure it is in the ‘Classic View.’


  • Now, double click on the ‘Mail’ icon. The ‘Mail Setup’ dialog box will open.


  • Hit on ‘Show Profiles’ to open ‘Mail Profiles.’ Click on ‘Add.’ A ‘New Profile’ dialog box will now open.


  • Enter a name for the fresh Microsoft Outlook profile in the ‘Name’ box and click on ‘Next.’ The Email Accounts Wizard will begin. Select ‘Add a New Email Account’ and click on ‘Next.’


  • Select the suitable server type for the email account. ‘Exchange Server’ is generally used by businesses, so this may apply to a work email account. The most common type of email server is known as the ‘POP3.’ If you are using a service like YahooMail, this would be the server to choose. Email addresses delivered by an internet service provider, like your DSL or cable company, are usually ‘IMAP’ accounts. If you are uncertain, check with the email provider.


  • Click on ‘Next’ after entering the server type. Now, enter the settings & other valid information. Finish the wizard &close the ‘Control Panel.’ A novel Microsoft Outlook profile will be added to the PC.

If the steps are followed diligently, then the process will get completed without any issue. The profile can be upgraded if you possess the latest version of Outlook, so make sure you have all the needed criteria to accomplishthe same. If you want to know more, you can call at outlook customer care number with ease. The tech experts can guide in you getting the best of options and answers to the queries. If this way does not seem satisfactory, you can also search the web for trusted online web dictionaries. Contactforservice is one of the most prevalent directories that include the needed customer care phone numbers of all the big brands as per the need of the users based in the US & Canada.


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