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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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How to fix problems while signing on to the AOL Desktop Software?

AOL has always offered the users with some amazing features to the users to try something new and refreshing. It is innovative and quite useful in regards to the usage of newest upgrades and features to send emails to loved ones with ease. But every so often it comes across some issues which are tough to ignore. For more facts, you can call at the AOL internet service contact number without any hassles. One of those issues is the error messages popping up while making an attempt to sign on to the AOL service. We are compiling some of the issues related while signing on to the AOL Desktop Software:

Common Error messages

  • Invalid Username or Password, Please try again.
  • Invalid Screen Name/Password, Please try again.
  • Invalid Password, Please re-enter.

What may be triggering the error?

  • An improper Username or password.
  • ‘Caps Lock’ is on.
  • The Username is unintentionally saved with distinct characters, such as underscores or dashes in the AOL Desktop Software, browser or any email application. Earlier, AOL overlooked the different characters in the Username and allowed you to sign on.

Way out

Confirm whether the Username and password are entered correctly

Please confirm whether you have entered the Username &password properly. Ensure that special characters like underscores, periods and dashes are not comprised in or along with the Username.

Examine whether you can sign on using a different Username

Signing on with an altered Username and password will assist you control whether the error is initiated by a temporary system problem or is related to the Username or password.

Remove the stored password and try again

Occasionally, the password & the Username that you have saved may not match with the ones in the records. AOL recommends that you should remove the stored password, and then try signing on over.

Test the keyboard with another program

Type the password on another program to verify whether the characters of the password appear. This will assist you ensure that the keyboard is working fine.

Check the keyboard connection &restart your PC

Checking the keyboard connection & restarting the PC will ensure that the keyboard is plugged in correctly and that the PC is correctly identifying the keyboard.

Reset password

It is advisable to reset your password. You can use the ‘Online Password Reset’ facility to make a fresh password.

Clear cookies, cache, history & footprints

Whenever you stopover on a website, temporary internet files & cookies are stored on the PC to record your return stops. These momentary internet files & cookies can at times cause the issue you are undergoing. Your history list can be a similar issue.

For getting some more useful suggestions, you can simply give a call at AOL customer service phone directly. The experts available are proficient and can help you out in getting the best solutions in no time. If this selection does not suit you, then you can even explore some prevalent online directories to help you out. Contactforservice is one of the best directories that has trusted phone numbers of the big brands for the consumers of the US and Canada.



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