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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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How to Fix Belkin Router Slow or Inconsistent Wireless Connection

Belkin is a leading manufacturer of networking equipment for both homes and small offices. Belkin wireless routers let you connect your multiple computers to the Internet simultaneously through the Wi-Fi connection. As wireless technology is radio-based, it’s meant that you can access the Internet without using any wires, but the network performance reduces while the distance among devices upsurges. If you have a slow Internet connectivity with Belkin routers, the problems of weak signal typically caused by five main factors:

Distance Issues

Belkin wireless router has limitations when it comes to the Wi-Fi signal range. If your wireless-based device is far from the router, try to relocate them. Keep in mind that distance is directly related to the signal strength. If you’re away from the access point, you may get low signals.

To make sure if you have a smooth connection, make a ping continuously.  If you get responses almost all time, it means the connection is steady.  If the timeouts, an error often occurs, you have an intermittent connection.

Physical obstructions

Sometimes, physical obstructions can also lead your wireless network to weak signal. In most cases, the signal gets refracted, reflected, or absorbed by the obstacles.

Common hitches are:-

  •   Drawers or Cabinets
  •    Glasses, Mirrors
  •    Metal objects
  •   Ceilings and Thick walls
  •   Aquariums

If any of the objects is placed between your access point and wireless adapter, try to relocate devices somewhere top to get around the hindrance.

Belkin wireless G routers have a default transmission range, which depends on their wireless networking standard and the signals transmitted by the router can’t penetrate thick walls and other barricades completely.

Wireless interferences

Sometimes, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, wireless baby monitors, 2.4 GHz cordless telephones, and even neighboring wireless networks can also cause the wireless interferences. In such situations, you should change the SSID and channel on your Belkin router to fix the issue. However, if you’re not sure for the settings, it’s good to leave it as the default settings. Also, set the channels to Auto by default. It describes the best wireless channel automatically for the Wi-Fi network.

Out-of-date firmware

At times, out-of-date firmware on the router can befall connection problem in the network. So, to fix the issues, try to upgrade your router firmware by downloading the latest release from Belkin’s official site. To know how to update your firmware, you can ask the help of experts at the Belkin customer service.

Power Interruptions
One factor that may cause the weak wireless signals or poor performance on your Belkin wireless router would be electricity or power interruptions. If you can’t obtain any Wi-Fi signal after an electric outage, you should unplug and re-plug the power cord for power cycling.  However, if it doesn’t fix the glitch, you should reconfigure the settings of your router.

Note: The process of reconfiguration may differ relying on your router model. At such time, it’s better to get help from experts by calling at the Belkin router customer support number.

Now, you will be able to fix inconsistent, slow or weak wireless connection on your Belkin router completely.


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