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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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How to Fix “Unable to process incoming data” Error in Juno

If you get a warning message after you send or receive mail that says ‘Unable to process incoming data,’ you may be downloaded a corrupted access number list recently when you checked or sent an email using your Juno email account. In such a situation, you can easily solve the issue by finding the corrupted access number file on your system, removing it, and updating your access number list. To do that, follow the steps given below, which is provided by the experts at the Juno support number.

Finding the Damaged File on Your Computer

1.    Close the Juno program, and then find the USERxxxx folder.

2.    On the taskbar, click ‘Start’ menu, and then the Programs>>Juno>>Juno System Information.

3.    The texts file displays that include information about your system’s resources and data that Juno requires to work.
4.    Scroll to the ‘Juno Users’ section, which contains the name and the USERxxxx folders location for each Juno account on your system.

5.    Now, find the line of text that includes the user name for the account who’s Address Book you need to back up.

6.    Note down the location of the USERxxxx folder on the part of the paper. So, you will write ‘C:\Program Files\Juno\USER0002.

7.    Use the Windows Explorer/ My Computer to find your USERxxxx folder on your system, if you want to, you can choose the location written by you previously.

8.    Open the USERxxxx, and then the Get folder.

9.    Here, you will find a file that has a .ddx extension. When you see the file, remove it. Note that you may require changing the folder view to check all records and extensions. To do so, click the ‘View’ button on the ‘Options’ menu. Click the ‘View’ tab under the ‘Hidden Files’ section, and then click ‘Show all files.’

Now, you need to upgrade your access number list to download a latest and secure file and then choose new access numbers.


Updating and changing access numbers in Juno 2.0 or later:

1.    On the ‘Connection’ menu, click on the ‘Access Number Setup’ button and then ‘Selection.’

2.    Click the ‘Next’ on each of the dialing set up windows until you see the ‘Update Numbers’ window.

3.    Next, click the ‘Get New Access Number List’ option. You can connect to the central system and then downloads an updated list of access numbers.

4.    Once Juno has downloaded the new access number list, click the ‘Next’ button to choose your latest access numbers.

However, if you’re unable to fix the error message you’re getting while you access Juno online services, it’s recommended to call at the Juno customer service number and seek the help of professionals to solve that issue in no time.


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