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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Fix your Netgear router vulnerability with the new firmware update!

Netgear Routers are regarded as the best and provides high performance and speed every time the customers use them. Netgear has always startled its users with its incredible featured routers, and that is the reason why people use them without any second thought. Routers always keep you connected to the Internet without the need of those tangled wires, so Netgear makes efforts to offer the best to its customers. The performance, output and the way the router works are some of the advantages of the Netgear routers. Recently, the brand has introduced a firmware update to fix router vulnerability to the routers. You can even contact the experts to ask various questions such as Netgear wireless router setup and others instantly.

About the Update

Some days back, a serious security vulnerability in some of the prevalent Netgear routers came up. This security flaw permitted wicked users to use illegal web pages to pass from input straight to the command-line interface. That gave the possibility for a remote attacker to insert arbitrary commands that could be executed by the system.

Till today, the company has confirmed that 11 router models are vulnerable. You may think that enough time has passed for this list to get final, but the advisory still says that Netgear is continuing to review the entire portfolio for other routers that may be affected by this vulnerability.

In the beginning, Netgear allotted beta firmware for all the vulnerable models, and it presently has fully-debugged production firmware for 3 models. The beta software was flawed the advisory says that if the users do not upgrade the firmware to the production type, the potential for this command injection vulnerability remains.

Here is the list of routers for which production firmware updates are obtainable:

  • R6400
  • R8000
  • R7000

Following routers have beta firmware fixes offered:

  • R6250
  • R6900
  • R7100LG
  • R7300DST
  • R7900
  • R6700
  • D6220
  • D6400

In the interim, there is a beta firmware that customers can download further if the full production version being released. Netgear records that as a beta firmware it has not been fully examined and might not work for some users.The brand also says that it is continuing to review of the products to see if any others are vulnerable to the attack. Any other devices found to encounter any vulnerability will be taken care of soon.

If you still want to grab some more updates on the same or based on Netgear wireless router configuration, you can reach the Netgear Customer service. With that, you can search the Internet for some online web directories that are quite helpful. Contactforservice is one of the best online dictionaries present for the customers in the US and Canada. The website is designed to offer its users with the most trustworthy customer care numbers of their favorite or desired brands and products.


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