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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Facebook planning tointroduce ‘pop-up’ windows for comments on posts!

Facebook, the most widespread Social Networking website constantly tries to keep the users updated with novel features and updates so that they can remain ahead of everything. Daily dose of newest posts and information keep the users refreshed and informed at the same time. The website introduces new and innovative features now and then to make the whole experience of ‘Facebooking’ a hit! Recently, it has released yet another update which is related to the Facebook comment threads that can turn into long chats and now, this immensely famous social giant has a new way to help the users to keep track of the conversations. For fetching more updates on the same, you can call at the Facebook help phone number easily.

Key Features

  • Popups appear below the screen in the desktop version of the website.
  • It opens when someone comments on the post or replies to the comment.
  • These windows will also come up if someone tags you in a comment.
  • This new addition is to keep users involved without having to leave the News Feed.

How does it work?

  • When someone comments on the post, replies to the comment or tag you the same, a new window will inevitably open up.
  • These windows come up alongside Messenger popups, which will let you contribute in comment threads without exiting News Feed.
  • The feature permits the users wanting a convenient way to keep track of long comment threads.
  • It is only being verified among a small group of Facebook users only.

You can always hide the discussion or turn off notifications from within the drop-down menu of the post. This new feature might be a part of Facebook’s master plan in order to convince users to share more, as it was stated earlier that personal stories dropped 21% on year across the platform.

Regardless, many users may discover this new addition to be more suitable than switching back and forth and losing their existence on News Feed. With it, another feature lets the users custom location-based camera filters that overlay images and videos similar to Snapchat’s ‘geo-filters.’ Facebook has made it very convenient for its members to use the web tool;thoughit is only present in Ireland, UK, Taiwan and others.

Users make frames on any design platform, submit them to Facebook and then friends will have access to the formations.For creating unique frames, just build one in the favorite design tool and export it is a PNG with transparent background from each element. Then upload the same which is where you can preview it in another size or add other details. If you still want to know more on the topic, you can call at the Facebook customer service email easily. Apart from this, you can even search for the popular online web directories on the Internet. Contactforservice is regarded as the best directory that enlists the well-known customer care numbers of the famous brands and products to the clients based in the US and Canada.


Facebook planning tointroduce ‘pop-up’ windows for comments on posts!

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