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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Facebook Messenger now operates with Android Auto!

Android Auto as we all are aware of is basically designed with security in mind; comes with a simple and intuitive interface, integrated with steering wheels controls and robust new voice actions. When Android Auto expanded to be able to run directly on smartphones, all the people got excited about the prospects of how many applications would increase to the platform, and Facebook comes out to be one of the latest to accomplish with its Messenger service. With the newest updates to Facebook Messenger, you will now be notified about the messages from your loved ones while in the car with Android auto.You can call the experts by dialing their Facebook help phone number instantly.

How it works?

When this standout new update once connected to the car or using Android’s Auto’s new standalone mode, notifications from Messenger will come up, with three alternatives following. Users can get the message tight back to them over the speakers, reply with a response- ‘sorry, I’m driving right now’, or dictate a reply



  • Android Auto already lets driver access important information and entertainment selections in an easy to use display, with the things like navigation, messaging and music. A number of apps have integrated with the platform, like Pandora Spotify, Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp and others.


  • To utilize the new Messenger integration, you will need to have Facebook Messenger installed on your Android Smartphone. You will be able to hear and reply to messages that come via either the Android Auto mobile application or the display in the vehicle.


  • With that, you can touch a button to have a message read out loud to you. Then, you can also choose to reply to that message without typing on the phone by using Android Auto’s voice command functionality.


  • Another amazing feature which have already discussed earlier is the message saying“I’m driving right now” as a quick reply to incoming texts. Though, some would say that responding to messages while driving should just wait, the reality is that the users tend to reply anyway, even though it might be unsafe.


  • Though the system is present in more than 200 new cars models from 50 brands, by making it an application, it is available to every person. And on Android smartphones, Google can make these integrations with third-party applications feel even more seamless, as is the case with the Facebook Messenger.


  • No matter what you are doing in the car, or what interface you select to use, consider letting those messages stream on by without your attention. They will still be there for you to reply when you arrive at the destination. The update to FB Messenger is rolling out in your very own Play Store now.


If you need to know more about this amazing update, you can directly fetch help by reaching for Facebook customer service email. With that, you can search for the online dictionaries like Contactforservice that provides the customer care numbers of the famous brands and products.








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