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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Facebook Messenger comes up with an identical Snapchat Camera feature!

Facebook never let down the expectations of those millions of users all across the world;as it has made a practice to deliver the best of services to its users. The updates are actually concerned to offer the users with amazing facts and services in order to make things easier. Recently, FB has introduced an innovative update for fun and maintains that freshness while keeping that entertaining side alive. Facebook Messenger has come up with a Snapchat-like Camera feature to uphold the essence of managing pictures. Well, if you know that how can you call Facebook ; you can dial their direct number and ask for the details in a better way.

Noticeable Features

  • Camera button gets easier accessibility with the update.
  • Full-screen filters & thousands of stickers added to Messenger app.
  • "M suggestions" feature is now being tested in the US.

Facebook has been introducing so many Snapchat like features, but this one is going to make everyone excited. You can now add Messenger to the mounting list of the Facebook-owned services to add a Camera feature that looks just like Snapchat. It is popularly known as ‘Messenger Camera,’ this novel tool permits the users to exchange pictures with text, doodles, stickers, exemplified frames, and lively effects. The app will soon come to iOS and Android and will be available all over the world.

Messenger Camera also has Facebook’s AI-powered Style Transfer, an array of effects that make pictures look like art, Prisma-style. Once it gets live, Messenger Camera will receive an important placement on the application’s home screen, and it will even start appearing in the existing camera feature inside message threads. Check out the main shutter button to kick start adding new flavor to the snaps!

In order to make the text messages more amusing, Messenger now offers a palette button beside the camera button that offers the users with artwork tips on the basis of the text written by them. Other notable features on Messenger will work as same and un required to point out;users can still send text messages in aclassic way.

Identical to the in-App camera Facebook is testing in the cities of the US, Messenger Camera is meant to make quicker, simpler and more exciting way to send pictures and videos. One prominent difference between Snapchat and other camera features Facebook has directed is- Pictures exchanged through Messenger Camera do not vanish after they are sent.

It will be great to see if the update gets popular and after it, what will be the outcomes. If you want to fetch the idea on how to get in touch with Facebook, you can search the Internet for the well-known online web directories. One of the most likable website is the Contactforservice; it is regarded as the best dictionary that offers the accurate customer care numbers to the customers in the US and Canada. Users will find it convenient to browse through the most wanted numbers by them at a needed point.



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