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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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How ReadyBoost works to enhance the performance of Windows 10?

Windows 10, a robust and amazing to work on Operating system is liked by all. It generally works surprisingly well on older or under powered computers, but you might still experience some glitches on those systems. We always try to find the best methods to develop the performance and search for the best ways to improve the same. There are some noticeable ways to improve the performance; you can buy a solid state drive or add additional RAM for that. But unluckily, both the alternatives are expensive. If you find difficult in handling any such situation, you can call the experts at the Microsoft Windows 10 support Phone Number as well.

Opportunely, if you have an extra flash drive that is not being used you can buy a performance increase without the need to shop for any costly hardware. Microsoft’s ‘ReadyBoost’ can be categorized as the best & reasonable feature to accomplish it. It uses external USB Flash drives as a hard disk cache to enhance disk read performance.


ReadyBoost operates with Windows’ SuperFetch feature to speed up by caching data from apps you use most often. Windows importantly does the same thing by utilizing system memory, but ReadyBoost frees up RAM by letting the flash Drive storage handle the task instead.

The amount of performance improvement delivered by ReadyBooast varies between machines. A lower spec Computer sees much more of an improvement than a high-end computer. ReadyBoost is present on every operating system and with Windows Vista. Though, the feature is only obtainable on flash storage devices; the most basic of which is a USB stick, but also comprises solid state drives and SD cards.

Another factor to follow is that the speed of the USB flash drive or SD card influences the amount of performance improvement. If you agree to try ReadyBoost with an SD card reader, pay close thoughtfulness to the ‘class’of the SD card. It is a number typically printed on the tag that specifies its read/write swiftness. It is recommended to use a class 10 SD card.

Give ReadyBoost a try: here’s how to do it:

  • Insert the USB Flash Drive into your Computer.
  • A pop-up should come up with USB drive properties. If not, then type ‘this PC’ in the search bar at the bottom left of the screen and under ‘devices and drives’ just right-click on the USB drive to bring up properties.
  • Select ‘ReadyBoost.’
  • Select ‘Use this device.’
  • Click on ‘Apply.’

The development is not likely to be vivid on many computers, but if you are utilizing a Windows laptop that is quite old, then you should notice a moderate improvement in system performance, chiefly on boot or when beginning frequently used apps.

If you want to fetch more details on the topic and development of Windows 10, you can discuss with the experts available by dialing Microsoft Windows 10 Tech Support Phone or by searching one of the best online web directory known as Contactforservice for the clients of the US and Canada.


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