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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Best Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a widely used email client by the users, it makes your email experience better and bring together speed, privacy and fresh technologies. It is basically a third party email client suite created by Mozilla. If you want to know the efficient features of Mozilla Thunderbird and want to start working on it, you can contact Thunderbird customer support number to fetch the details you need.

Best Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

Here, in this blog we have added some of the best features for the users:-

  • Easier to Get Started: Foe effectively starting Thunderbird, you need to know the IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS settings a bit more. After that, you are required to provide your name, email address, and password. The wizard will check our database & search the email settings for you easily.
  • Tabs and Search: Thunderbird provides you a new and refreshed look in an effort to offer a similar user experience among all the platforms, with it, you can now search the web without leaving Thunderbird. Just type whatever comes to mind & choose from various search providers instantly.
  • Customize your Email Experience: You can manage large files management by uploading the online storage provider without sharing the link. With it, now you have new look and feel and smart folders to manage multiple email accounts. Thunderbird allows you to install the add-ons directly in Thunderbird, so you no longer need to visit the Website for the same.
  • Security: Thunderbird offers a robust privacy and remote image protection to your files and documents. It protects your email scams and provides Automated Updates whenever you need them the most. Apart from such features, it has a popular junk mail tool that enables you to stay ahead of any spam. So, you can use Thunderbird with upmost confidence by letting yourself go with the flow of new and exciting features.

In order to connect with the tech experts, you need to make sure you called them up by dialing Thunderbird support number. If you do not have the number then another option you can go with is by browsing an online directory known as Contactforservice. It has all the numbers for customer support and services for the clients that are specifically located in the USA or Canada.


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