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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Resolve Paper Jam Issues With Epson Customer Service Number

Paper jam is a minor, yet complex issue that creates errors while completing the important tasks and assignments. It does not matter if you buy latest wired or wireless printer, the major risk remains that your device may stop working due to paper jams. This blog post helps you to understand how to resolve the paper jam in a desktop inkjet printer. In addition, for best results, consult the experts available at the Epson Support number to get quick assistance regarding the paper jam error. Follow the below mentioned measures to safely resolve paper jam issues.

Step 1 Turn off the Printer: Before beginning the paper jam, turn-off the machine to reduce the short-circuit risk or any hardware damages. Expert’s recommended to unplug the printer from the main source for maximum security.

Step 2 Open the main cover: Slowly open the output trays and remove all the papers from the printer feed. Now, open the main cover of the printer.

Step 3 Adjust the print head sideways to free paper: What is Print head? It is the main hardware part of the inkjet printer that ejacuate the ink slowly to print the document effectively.If the paper jams during the process, then open the print head, it does not move towards the sideways. Now, swiftly move the print head sideways to free the paper.

Step 4 Slowly remove the jammed paper: Hold the paper firmly and gently pull it out. Most importantly, ensure the paper does not tear and avoid pulling the paper forcefully. Use tweezers to adjust narrow areas and pull the paper tugging over left and right.

Step 5 Remove the print head and restart the machine: In case the paper jam error still exists, follow the steps mentioned in the user manual. If the paper gets torn, then reinstall the paper scraps. If the paper seems intact, then use both hands to gently pull the crumpled paper downward.

Step 6 Check the Output tray: Inkjet printer picks paper for printing swiftly, it gets stuck in hardware divisions next to the output tray. The crumpled paper stuck in the slot feeding the output tray causes inconvenience, so remove visible paper.

Step 7 Broad disassembly: If your printer does not start or execute commands, then disassemble the printer and remove the stuck paper. For any other issues, dial Epson printer support phone number listed in the Contactforservice directory.

Step 8 Clean the print heads: Once the paper is removed, run a print head to inspect the process and remove any microfibers blocking the nozzles and causing printing issues.

Step 9 Search for repair or replacement: If the printer displays any problem, then it is recommended to contact an expert providing live repair service.


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