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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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Gmail customer support number Helps To Setup Email Template

Gmail customer support number Helps To Setup Email Template

Are you irritated while composing same mail again and again? Or you do not like copy pasting as the subject goes wrong or mistakes occur. To ease the compose message, try to setup email template. It allows you to easily set the desired format in a customized template. If you already use templates and facing problems, then dial the Gmail customer care number and resolve your email related troubleshoots. Here’s the process to Set-Up, Save and Create New Message on Gmail. Follow the steps mentioned below to get started.

How to Set Up and Use Email Templates in Gmail

Step 1: Tap the Settings gear like icon in the Gmail toolbar

Step 2: Choose Settings from the menu options

Step 3: Move to the tab titled as Labs

Step 4: Ensure you select Enable for Canned Responses

Step 5: Now, click Save Changes to confirm

How to Save a Message as a Template in Gmail

Step 1: Ensure "Canned Responses" option is enabled

Step 2: Now, compose the mail in Gmail

Step 3: Do not change the signature in the right place, if you wish it to appear in the messages sent using the template folder

Step 4: For best results, leave both the Subject: and To: fields empty. They do not get saved together with the template. (If you enter the subject once, then it’s suggested to enter the template name)

Step 5: Tap the More options that appear as a triangle icon in the toolbar, next to the message's bottom

Step 6: Choose Canned responses | New canned response. It appears under Save from the menu option

Step 7: Enter the desired name for the template

Step 8: Finally, click OK

How to Create a New Message or Reply Using a Template in Gmail

Step 1: Do ensure "Canned Responses" is enabled, so that the canned reply is created automatically

Step 2: Click compose to start a new message or reply

Step 3: Tap the More options triangle like icon. It appears in the message formatting toolbar

Step 4: Point the cursor to Canned responses appearing in the menu section

Step 5: Choose the desired template highlighted under Insert

Step 6: Ensure you fill the necessary fields as, To: and Subject: fields

Step 7: Now, edit the message as required and click Send

If any problem occurs while setting the template, then dial the Gmail customer service number to find friendly assistance related to email troubleshoots. Visit the Contactforservice directory to search the toll-free helpline number of reliable tech support service providers.

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