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Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

Welcome to Online Custumer Support Dirctory | Contactforservice

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How To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Starting With P and E

How To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Starting With P and E

Canon experts regularly share updates about the most recent troubleshoot occurring in the printer. Sometimes the printer becomes prey to the common errors and requires immediate solutions. For the benefit of the users, the Canon Customer Service USA remains open 24hrs for realtime error diagnose. These errors confuse the user and sometimes damage the machine. Here’s a brief summary of the common Canon printer troubleshoot and there solution.

There are 2 types of MP258 Error Code, to be specific:

1. It utilizes the principal letter E, illustration E05

2. It utilizes the principal letter P, case P07

Ordinance MP258 Error Code P:

Error code E Canon MP258 :

E04 : Cartridge not installed properly

Solution : Eject the cartridge and reinstall it

E05 : Cartridge not installed properly or damaged

Solution :

1. Eject the cartridge and reinstall

2. Replace the cartridge if damaged

E14 and E15 : Cartridge not installed correct

Solution : Eject the cartridge and reinstall

E13 and E16 : Cartridge need to be reset/ Ink has run out

Solution : Tap STOP/Reset button about 5-15 seconds until the LED display glows and initiates the process

P02 (Carriage error), solutions:

1. Ensure no outside item stuck in the printer roller.

2. Clean and check the encoder, it might be sprinkled with ink. Or dial Canon Customer Care Number for seeking instant assistance.

Cause: The timing disk maybe dirty/damaged

P03 Line Feed Error


1. On the left side of the printer, check the timing disk sensor

2. Clean the dirt on the printer’s board

P05 (ASF sensor error)

Cause: Error in the paper detector sensor


Replace one of the parts mentioned below:

1. Motor

2. ASF / PE sensor unit

3. Board printer Canon-MP258

P06 (Internal temperature error)

Cause : Printer overheated

Solution :

1. Clean the printer’s interior

2. Printer main-board replacement

P07 (Full Ink absorber)

Cause : Reset the ink counter using the Canon software.

Solution : Reset the printer using the software

P08 (Rise in Print head temperature error)

Cause : Head over heating, usually occurs to the color ink cartridge

Solution : Replacing color ink cartridge

P09 (EEPROM error)

Cause : EEPROM board canon MP258 damaged

Solution : Canon MP258 printer’s mainboard replacement

P10 (Logic board/ both cartridges are damaged/ cartridge unit)

Cause : Cartridge damaged in an empty condition for a long time, if it is used to continuously print documents. Affects: Logic board/cartridge unit/both cartridge

Solution : Replace one of the part from below

P15 (USB VBUS over current)

Cause : Over electrical current in the printer from the USB Cable

Solution :

1. Replace the USB cable

2. If the problem persists, replace the main-board

P20 (Other hardware error)

Cause : Hardware error

Solution : Replace the main-board

P22 (Scanner error)

Cause : Scanner troubleshoot

Solution :

1. Replace Canon MP258 scanner

2. Replace the main-board

For direct assistance, dial the direct helpline number, search at the Contactforservice web-directory. Here, you will find the toll-free Canon contact no.

How To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Starting With P and E

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